About Us

In The Past…

On September 22, 1915, three dozen music lovers first met in the Phillips and Crew Hall in Atlanta to form a non-profit music education organization called the Women’s Music Study Club. It changed its name shortly afterwards to Atlanta Music Study Club to include men and later evolved into Atlanta Music Club (AMC). Members studied music together and presented public recitals. In 1921 they were 600 strong and incorporated as the first non-profit music education organization in Georgia. AMC had open meetings and presented notable music study programs where leading musicians took part.Always wanting to make musical concerts affordable to the public while stimulating Atlanta’s cultural life, AMC established the Civic Concert Series by bringing internationally-renowned concert artists to the city. They featured some of the world’s finest artists. During their heyday, three different series flourished simultaneously providing Atlanta audiences a generous medley of great musicians. Pavarotti, Van Cliburn, Rubinstein, Horowitz, Perlman and hundreds more of world class musicians have been brought to Atlanta by the AMC. AMC encouraged local talent in smaller public concerts, produced education programs to take into the public schools and the underprivileged, provided music in hospitals and educational TV, formed an orchestra for children and a Choral Society, sponsored young performers concerts, began the Junior Music Club with 500 children, purchased a 9 foot Steinway and brought in world class orchestras for children to hear. AMC is the main reason that we currently have the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Choral Guild, the Atlanta Community symphony Orchestra and other musical organizations.


AMC continues to have musical presentations of local talent which are affordable and accessible. We present monthly musicales of professional musicians and educational programs in churches, homes and halls in the city. Please check our Event Calendar page for upcoming events. AMC continues in its proud tradition of providing education opportunities for students to perform in Young Performers Concerts. It is free for any music teacher to enter worthy students. We also hold annual Scholarship Auditions to encourage young talent in their efforts to further their musical education. Due to generous funding specifically targeted for scholarship we are able to give over $10,000 every year to students! Details, guidelines and applications are found under Forms.The Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra (ACSO) continues to be supported by AMC and holds a Young Artist Concerto Competition annually. Winners are able to perform with the Orchestra at a public concert every year. Again check Forms for details.

In The Future…

September 2015 marks our 100th anniversary. It is quite an achievement to be continuously serving for that long and we are planning to celebrate! The Centennial Committee is hopeful that you too will celebrate with us. Our first fundraiser is the “Night at the Paris Opera” on February 8, 2015. Please come! On the anniversary month of September 2015 we are hosting a concert by the ACSO to kick off the Centennial year! There is, of course, more and you can find those upcoming events in Announcements.

Thank you if you have been a member of AMC; you have been an important part of all of the successes we have achieved. We are strong because of people who have eagerly supported our efforts. Join us in the pursuit and encouragement of fine music in Atlanta so that we can sustain it into the next 100 years!

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